For Men

Because pregnancy is not only about the mother, our services are also extended to men facing difficult decisions. We are committed to sharing compassion, love, and truth with all who are affected by an unplanned pregnancy. If your girlfriend or wife is facing an unplanned pregnancy, it is important for you to consider a couple of things:

  • The situation involves more than just you – it involves your partner and your baby.

  • Your partner needs your support now more than ever.

  • Regardless of your relationship in the future, you will have to work this out together.

Recognize that you play a very important role in your partner’s pregnancy, unplanned or otherwise. Being scared is common and natural – you are not alone. Friends and family might even be encouraging you to push her to have an abortion. Your partner is looking to you for support and to stand by her. Here are some tips for working through this:

  • Stay calm and gather important facts and information about parenting, adoption, and abortion.

  • Talk about it with each other and close friends and family.

  • Seek counsel from a local pregnancy resource center to help you sort through your feelings and concerns.

  • Do not pressure her to make a decision. There is plenty of time to consider your options and form a plan you can live with.

If you need support or assistance, call us. PfPRC volunteers will do their best to present you with accurate information on options, provide valuable referrals to resources you may not know exist, and to listen to you without judgment.