Sponsor a Client

Heart2Heart Sponsorship Program

Help a mom choose life!

The Heart2Heart Sponsorship Program allows you to donate funds for a client to complete her chapter at Pflugerville Pregnancy Resource Center. Her free and confidential services may include pregnancy testing, limited ultrasound, prenatal and parenting classes, Bible classes, material assistance, and so much more!

Some examples of the material assistance that clients receive are –

  • Baby clothes and toys
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Formula and baby food
  • Car seats
  • Strollers
  • Blankets
  • Cribs
  • and much more!

A commitment of $50 a month will provide a client with much needed services, supplies, and referrals, along with the priceless message of hope. Set up a recurring donation now to sponsor a client like Jessica, Crystal, Maria & Joe, or Angela.

Sponsorship Levels


Jessica is 17 years old and in high school. She has three younger siblings at home and she is afraid of telling her parents that she is pregnant. Jessica works hard in school and has dreams of going to college to study to become a nurse. When Jessica found out she was pregnant, she thought her only choice was to have an abortion. Her friends and family told her that she is too young to have a baby and that becoming a mom now will keep her from pursuing her dreams. Her pregnancy is a total shock and she’s extremely nervous and uncertain about what lies ahead. But, with the support of her boyfriend she has chosen life and plans to parent her baby! Sponsor a client like Jessica to help her through this journey.



Crystal is 23 years old and just started her first job after completing college. She just moved into her own apartment and is excited about the future. When she found out she was pregnant, she was in denial – there is no way this could be happening to her! Crystal is single and the father of the baby does not want to be involved. He offered to pay for an abortion, and Crystal spent some time considering the offer. Not sure what to do, Crystal visited PfPRC and received a free sonogram. After seeing her 10-week-old baby on the ultrasound screen, she realized that she could not go through with an abortion and decided to carry her child. The road to becoming a single mom can be lonely and tough, but you can help. Sponsor a client like Crystal today.


Maria & Joe

Maria is 29 years old and married with two kids. Her youngest child is seven months old and she hasn’t worked outside the home since her first child was born three years ago. Finances are really tight and she and her husband Joe are just not sure if they can afford to have another baby, particularly right now. This pregnancy is completely unexpected and though Maria feels the time is not right, she knows that her unborn baby is a part of her and that she is a gift from God. After receiving options counseling and information on adoption with referrals to local agencies, Maria and Joe decided to parent their child and attend weekly classes to earn much needed items like diapers and clothing. Joe even meets with a male mentor a couple times a month for encouragement and to study God’s Word. Sponsor a couple like Maria and Joe to help them through pregnancy and through the first year of their child’s life.



Angela is 45 years old and has two children from a previous marriage and two step children from her new marriage. She and her husband Will have been married for just over a year and their youngest child is 14 years old. They thought the time in their lives for having babies was over, and so they were floored when Angela’s pregnancy test was positive. Angela has so many concerns, especially that it’s been so long since either she or Will have cared for a newborn, that they feel totally ill-equipped. With the help of PfPRC, Angela can relearn the basics of pregnancy and newborn care, giving her the confidence to take care of her new baby. Additionally, the love and encouragement poured out from our client advocates has renewed Angela’s love for God and desire to study His Word. She and her husband attend weekly Bible classes together at PfPRC. Sponsor a client like Angela as she walks through this unexpected season in her life.

These testimonials are inspired by real PfPRC clients. The names and pictures of the clients, as well as certain details have been altered to protect client confidentiality.